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ICRS (International Coral Reef Standard) Ltd.

International Coral Reef Standard Ltd

In recent years, scientists and politicians have begun to accept the evidence of Global Warming. It is vital to the world's reefs that we do not wait another 10 to 20 years before we act on measures designed to combat its affects.

The International Ecotourism Society recently reported that reefs in 90 out of 109 countries are in decline due to human activities. Some estimates predict 32% of the worlds coral reefs will be lost within the next 30 years. Other scientists consider 70% will disappear in the next 90 years.


Although debate may rage in the scientific community over the rates of decline, there is no disagreement that the degradation of this fragile ecosystem is definite and occurring at a rapid and alarming rate.

Corals are sensitive animals susceptible to the smallest changes in their environment, which can lead to damage or death. Loss of a species from a reef can have an impact on the rest of the marine environment, often dramatically affecting reef composition and structure, species abundance; diversity and long-term sustainability.

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