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ICRS (International Coral Reef Standard) Ltd.

International Coral Reef Standard Ltd
Credibility | Economic Benefits | Stakeholder Interest
  • Independent and impartial audits, scientific reports and management plans
  • A tailor-made Environmental Plan devised in collaboration to ensure the objectives set, are both economically and practically achievable
  • Ecological and environmental respectability
  • Protection of natural resources for future generations
  • Adherance to WTO and UNEP guidelines on sustainable tourism development
  • Publicity and advertising
  • Enhanced reputation and branding
  • An on-going relationship with ICRS Ltd that promotes continuous improvement.
  • Green certification
  • Authentic green credentials with ICRS

Economic Benefits

  • Increase in business
  • Enhancement of your company's reputation as being an industry innovator
  • Increased stakeholder loyalty
  • Green banner advertising to increase eco tourism customers and outclass competitors
  • Cost effective, proficient long-term solutions
  • Commercial and promotional links to other respected web sites like GRI, ICLARM and Reef Base
  • A stronger position from which to protect itself against future economic threats
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums and compensation claims through reef evaluation
Stakeholder Interest
  • A professional audit to provide in-depth knowledge of the reef's health, identify destructive practices and derive solutions to combat them.
  • An EMS (Environmental Management Strategy) initiates a process of continuous improvement of the marine environment.
  • Improved public and government reactions towards responsible and sustainable governance.
  • Improved stakeholder confidence and involvement in the company’s environmental policy
  • Preservation of resource for future generations.
  • Product confidence.
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