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International Coral Reef Standard Ltd
Coral Reef Questionnaire
ICRS Ltd has created the world's first standard of coral reef health and management excellence, our professional coral reef audits provide the basis of tailor-made Environmental Management Strategies designed to safeguard and restore marine habitats, and measure all environmental parameters, potential threats, species bio diversity and abundance. 

The following questionnaire is for divers only and serves to support and improve an in-depth understanding of recreational divers' preferences and interests in the marine environment and sustainable management and will be incorporated into a final scientific standard.

By taking the time to complete this 10 minute questionnaire you will be involved in a professional research study that will not only provide coastal scientists around the world with an essential reef management tool, but also lead to an impartial rating system of dive sites world-wide designed to inform diver choice.

We acknowledge that this is a generalised questionnaire and some parameters or questions will invariably be more important in some geographical locations than in others but ask you respond according your own specific preferences and experiences of an ideal dive.

ICRS thank you for your participation in this research and assure you your time spent completing our questionnaire will go some way towards saving the reefs we all love.


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