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ICRS (International Coral Reef Standard) Ltd.

International Coral Reef Standard Ltd

Today, commercial activities place increasing pressures on reefs, which are very susceptible to human interaction. The absence of monitoring in many instances has lead to irreversible decline or coral habitats.

For this reason, ICRS Ltd has developed rapid auditing tools and innovative environmental strategies that provide cost effective solutions to reef degradation.

ICRS equips stakeholders with the essential 'reef toolkit' or ‘coral manual’, enabling maximization of not only the environmental value of the reef but also its tourism value.

Providing businesses with the knowledge and expertise to manage their marine resources, our training transforms Resorts from 'mere users' of a reef into its’ 'protective custodians' for its future survival.

All our services are based on current UN Guidelines and WTO 'Best Practices' and include

- Reef Health Audit
- Environmental Risk Analysis
- Environmental Management Strategies.

ICRS strive to improve the overall health of reefs around the world by empowering local people and business with the knowledge set of sustainable management ensuring the survival of reefs for future generations.


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