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ICRS (International Coral Reef Standard) Ltd.

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International Coral Reef Standard (ICRS) Ltd has created the world’s first standard of coral reef health and management excellence, conducting professional coral reef surveys designed to safeguard marine habitats, and measure all environmental parameters, potential threats, species bio diversity and abundance.

ICRS is a consultancy service that provides environmental audits and management strategies coral reefs and beach erosion for Governments, hotel groups, resorts, and private islands.

Established in 2007 through a collaboration of marine scientists and environmental experts who have all foreseen the need for structured management of coral reefs in the face of increasing threats from global warming and resource development.

With an unparalleled level of advice, service and management expertise, ICRS provide unique and proactive solutions that improve the tourism and conservation value of reefs.

Providing training services and programs designed to empower various stakeholder groups with the knowledge and infrastructure enabling the mobilisation and development of  their own conservation strategies and management plans.

Possibly the first and only in their field, ICRS are gradually growing a reputation as the most professionally equipped, impartial and dedicated reef management specialists.

29 January 2011

Philip Wand Tetley, ICRS sales director is currently in the Maldives speaking to a number of groups on reef preservation and beach erosion solutions.

Please feel free to contact him if you would like an informal chat under

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