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International Coral Reef Standard Ltd
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International Coral Reef Standard is an operation run by specially trained professionals. The criteria on which the data is based is relevant, accurate and standardised every time, so comparisons can be made with the future studies and strategies developed. Owing to the exhaustive approach of our data collation and the standardisation of our techniques the information can be utilised by other scientists working outside of the ICRS Ltd.

Having identified the current health of the reef, appraisals of threats and potential threats to the reef will be reported. The service will include future health checks on the status of the reef where comparisons with original baseline data will identify any impacts; positive or detrimental on marine life.

A report on the status of the reef will be given to the hotel, government and non governmental agencies and made available to any persons or guests who request it via International Coral Reef Standardís web site. A management plan and environmental management system installed and risk assessment and environmental Impact Assessments conducted. We provide a hotel with all the guidance it needs on how to manage their reef in a sustainable way.

The research will enable the hotel to best safeguard this natural resource. It will provide a strong position from which to protect their stakeholder interest and increase the brand credibility by demonstrating a determination to protect its environment.

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